Be an Engineering Hero & Meet Your Commitments by Making Changes That Stick

Almost every change requires a process modification.

In this case we’re going need to change the timing of our sprints and demos so work can be completed and reviewed in time to deploy on Thursdays.

Use your tools to reinforce change.

I want to make sure blackout window deployments are thought through carefully, so we’ll restrict permissions in our CI system to require a +1 from an engineering manager during blackout windows.

Communicate the change to stakeholders.

It’s very important that my engineers are not given mixed signals so I’ll need to sit down with my development managers, founders, and product managers to discuss the rationale and get commitments from all of them to support the change.

Converge on Conflict

I’ll create a weekly reminder to look for any conflict over the next few weeks. Is the change too restrictive? Are stakeholders still asking for deployments on Fridays? Did this actually resolve the issues Ops was dealing with?



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Travis Newcomb

Travis Newcomb

Thoughts on the personal & leadership challenges faced in rapidly growing organizations. (Apple, Chime, Eventbrite, Cisco, …)