Be A Confident, Focused Startup Leader by Tracking This Key Signal

  • Lack institutional knowledge. The thousands of little learnings that help a team work more efficiently over the long run take time to build.
  • Are people and structure. Structure included relationships, values, process, and organization that help get the work done.

Teams are not static.

They improve and degrade over time depending on the environment you create and the problems they face. So assessing team performance based on anecdotal misses fails to account for the fluidity of teams and the problems they work on.

Ignore anecdotes and focus on trajectory instead.

Trajectory is the rate of improvement over time. You can measure trajectory by measuring fundamental signals such as accuracy of time estimates, the size of PRs, or the time from idea to deployment of changes.

Too many founders and leaders vent about anecdotal misses while ignoring trajectory.

It can be frustrating when your team is slow to deliver. However, focusing on misses undermines the confidence you have in your team and distracts your team from the work that will really make a difference in the long run.



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Travis Newcomb

Travis Newcomb

Thoughts on the personal & leadership challenges faced in rapidly growing organizations. (Apple, Chime, Eventbrite, Cisco, …)