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Travis Newcomb
2 min readApr 5, 2022

Why am I on Twitter?

I’m semi-retired, recovering from burnout, and writing about things that are rattling about in my head. I’d like to find a problem that stirs my ambitions again someday, though I have no idea what that will be yet. All I know is that I like to work on deeply challening problems alongside people that care deeply about doing work they’re proud of. Here’s my LinkedIn if you’re interested in my professional bona fides.

I’d consider my time on Twitter a success if I have a few mind expanding conversations and meet some interesting people. Feel free to DM me, I’m always happy to chat.

My Values


  • Interpersonally, I share my own mistakes and how I’ve grown.
  • Intellectually, I highlight inconsistencies of my own beliefs.
  • When I lead, I make decisions consistent with guiding principles.


  • I approach conflict with curiosity.
  • I actively look for differing opinions that could impact my beliefs.
  • I state opinions as hypotheses that can be invalidated.


  • Interpersonally, I strive to stand up for others that are being treated unfairly.
  • Intellectually, I assume positive intent when I do not understand.
  • When I lead, I consistently work to create and protect a psychologically safe environment.

My Interests

After working 20+ years in successful fast scaling technology organizations I’ve formed some strong opinions on leadership. I believe most project failures are due to poor leadership, but most leaders fail to see how they contribute to failure.

I’m obsessed with systems. Whether they are organizational, process, game, or mechanical I think I have a rare talent for quickly understanding how changes (and the nature of a change) will impact the system.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about finite mindsets and how they’re a common thread among people, politicians, and organizations I disagree with.

Most of my professional career has been in the software quality domain. I have some strong (and often controversial) opinions on how quality should be approached. The most controversial is that quality teams should be a temporary fixture in any well run software organization.

I’m interested in a wide range of technologies including 3D Printing, Game Design, Social Gaming Systems, Maps, Autonomy, and Crypto (as a way to influence social change. I am not a utopian, crypto or otherwise.)

Surfing is an obsession and it keeps me healthy. I’m currently riding a 9.5 foot Hobie on Northern California breaks when I’m not hiking the Marin headlands with my Australian Shepherd puppy, Niji.



Travis Newcomb

Thoughts on the personal & leadership challenges faced in rapidly growing organizations. (Apple, Chime, Eventbrite, Cisco, …)